Artsy is the world’s top resource for buying and selling art. Use Artsy to discover and buy art (over 270,000 artworks for sale) from the top galleries and auction houses. Find the perfect artwork, contact art galleries, and bid on live auctions on the go. Now you can view artworks on your own walls using ARKit 1.5 on iPhones using iOS 11.3. Go to any View In Room compatible artwork, and tap the image of a frame hung to a wall.

Artsy works with over 4,000 galleries, 700 museums and institutions, and 60 art fairs to bring you over 400,000 works of art spanning the entire art world. With Artsy, you instantly receive unprecedented access to for-sale artworks from over 4,000 of the world’s top galleries, including available pricing information. Find an artwork you’re interested in and inquire with any gallery directly from the app, wherever you are.

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